Daniel J. Petitt, Sr
Exalted Ruler
Welcomes you to
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Upcoming Events

All events canceled or postponed due to lock down restrictions

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Friday Night Dinners

Offering delicious dinner selections the third Friday night of every month from 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM.

Committee Chair Linda Murphy  will be trying to schedule dinner dates for upcoming months.

If you have any questions, would like to volunteer to help, or you have an idea for a Friday Night Dinner, please contact Linda at: 609.605.6694

Monthly Breakfasts

All you can eat breakfasts are held the last Sunday of every month from 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM.(except July, August, and December) 

The cost is $8.00 per adult, $4.00 for children ages 5-12, and children under 5 are free.

All proceeds benefit Special Needs Childrens Committees.

Exalted Ruler's Message

Have you ever been at a Little League Baseball game where the parents and spectators are yelling at the coaches and the kids on how to make a play or be in the right position. Or when they scream at the umpire for making a call that didn’t go their way. These spectators knew so much better how the game should have been played and now they are frustrated. The team Manager just shrugs, smiles and moves on because he knows the potential of that team and the inner workings of the team’s ability to win a game. Something that the parents and on-lookers don’t know.

Well that’s how it feels to be the Exalted Ruler of the Flemington Lodge. During the time leading up to my election and then my Installation I received lots of advice from so many members on how to “run a lodge” and “change things for the better”. Promises were made, to me, that they would be there for me through ‘thick & thin’. Well take a look around, since March 13th this Lodge has been in the thick of the worldwide pandemic and that support has become quite thin. Yes, there have been a very few members who have donated some money to keep the Lodge alive and that also ended quickly. The advice has dried up as much as our financial situation is also drying up.

My team of Lodge Officers have met and discussed how to survive this pandemic on a regular basis and none of them have shirked their responsibilities to the Flemington Lodge or to Elkdom in general. We are restrained to a degree by the Governor’s mandates and by the State Elks Association guidelines. And we are waiting for the day that the Lodge will be able to come alive again. We have returned to the regular schedule of Lodge Meetings and not only does the Lodge need you to attend, but I need you to attend so that every member can be more aware of exactly what is happening within the business of the Lodge and become well informed on what may or may not occur in the future.

The Lodge also needs your dues to pay the bills. We have shut off the gas to the stoves and all non-essential electrical appliances. We had the cable TV shut down and have limited other re-occurring expenses to a point where there is barely a heartbeat in the building. Since 2016 the Lodge has a loss of 12% in membership and come October there will be more members being dropped for non-payment of dues or they are dimiting to another lodge. Currently the Lodge has 75 members of the 347 total membership who are lapsed, and as I have asked previously, we need you and we need new members.

I am asking each and every member of this Lodge to make an effort to get someone interested in the Elks. We need to build up our membership and have some of those new members involved in the Lodge Committees. Our ageing membership will continue to diminish to a point that the Lodge could not continue. It’s not the ‘old days’ anymore. We are living in a “new normal” society with new ways of doing things and new members will bring new ideas. It’s your lodge and if the money stops and the membership drops just ask yourself “What could I have done to keep the Flemington Elks Lodge #1928 alive?”.


     In brotherhood:
     Daniel J. Petitt, Sr. 
 Exalted Ruler

August 2020 Issue of the Elk's Tale

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